Professional services

Electronic publications come in all kinds of containers. The most beautiful ‘container’, to me, is the book. I believe that ebooks should both a pleasure to read and functional. I’ve studied ebook conversion and design for five years now and have been a digital media professional for eleven years.

Well, I’ve been teaching those things, mostly. After a few years helping people out with ebook-related issues, I decided to freelance in my spare time.

  • Do you want your book converted to an ebook, or designed as one from scratch?
  • Do you want to distribute your ebook to online stores such as the Kindle and iBooks stores?
  • Do you have questions about digital publishing and digital media overall?

I base my rates on those of Ebook Architects, an ebook production and consultation company based in Austin, Texas. They’re very active on a Twitter channel called #eprdctn, where e-production folks like to hang out. They’re also the first company that fits what I think about the future of books.

Conversion & design services

Taking your source manuscript and preparing it for publication in the digital environment.

Self-publishing services

Helping you publish your own titles through platforms such as Smashwords and Scribd. Of course, I’d prefer referring you to a publisher for quality editing and marketing power, but if you really want to do it alone, I can help.

Consultation services

I speak with librarians, publishers, content creators of all kinds about e-publications. Most of this consultation has been part of my work duties, but I’d like talking to anyone about digital publishing – and my other interests, of course. Toss a question to me on any of the channels I use.