Opensim Practical Project 2013 – Screenshots

Another year of OpenSim projects is upon us! Students are increasingly using third-party tools to create models in their projects. I heard mention of SketchUp, Blender and 3D Studio Max once again.

1. The Kingdom of Lancre, by isabelvanrooyen

I created Lancre, a fictional kingdom situated on the Disc World, created by sir Terry Pratchett. Lancre is a small kingdom, population 500, with the current king being the former jester. It is also famous for witches, especially since a certain witch published an erotic cookbook “The Joye of Snackes”. Lancre has a currency (the Lancre penny) but it is never used, since it is too heavy (weighing an ounce each) and everybody can pretty much remember who owes who what. The world includes interactions like riding a broom and casting a spell. Granny Weatherwax is my favorite character, so her house received the most attention.

1 2

2. Welcome to Beaver Creek!, by 8morne

Beaver Creek is a Tropical Island inhabited by miners and their wives. Gold was discovered here by explorers a few years back and since then many prospectors have come here to stake their claim. Made up of Americans mostly, a sort of cowboy culture have emerged. A saloon, hotel and bank was built a few months ago to cater for the growing number of residents.  Butch Cassidy is the Island Villian. He and his gang lives in tents in one of the surrounding Islands. They raid the town frequently but recently we have built cannons and alarm bells to try and keep them out. On one of the other Islands live Old John. He is the island’s main lumberjack. His son lives just behind the houses and has the same profession. The three sisters run most of the services on the island. If you need anything just speak to one of us!

Snapshot_002 Snapshot_004

3. Zoraï habitation, by cybercon

My sim was inspired by the tall, blue, theocratic, leaf-haired race called the Zoraï from Ryzom (a MMORPG), so the overarching architectural theme is one of geometry meets amber meets magnetism, e.g. floating roofs with amber inlays and glowing pillars of amber. Zoraï are quite the mystical race and live in the jungles of the Witherings, which I tried to adequately bring forward through the use of greenery and ambient sound. The sim is more exploration based and you can learn more about the Zoraï and their ways at various points. All my models (except trees) were created for the sim, with large buildings created in Blender and smaller objects in OpenSim itself, almost all textures and media are from Ryzom’s open source repository.

Snapshot_015 Snapshot_014

4. Human Sanctuary 1731, by MumbaN

The virtual environment is a depiction of a fictional post-apocalyptic human settlement called Human Sanctuary 1731 (HS1731). It is a  post-apocalyptic biome which human beings created to survive after Earth became uninhabitable. The structure floats above the surface  The settlement has four sections: Nature Block, Habitation Control, Living and Annex. There are some  attempt at preserving the natural environment of earth which can be seen in  the natural forest section of the HS1731. We find the settlement in crisis as it appears to be last settlement and its resources are getting depleted and tenants are slowly getting ill.

Inworld_006 Inworld_002

5. Kanto, by Jerretta

Kanto is the world explored by players of the original Pokemon games, Red and Blue. This environment seeks to recreate four key areas of Kanto from the Pokemon games, brought “up-to-date” by making them 3D. These locations are Pallet Town, Cinnabar Island, Celadon City and the Indigo Plateau. The world’s purpose was largely to inspire nostalgia for players of the early game, and as a proof-of-concept to see how the world would feel fully rendered in 3D, as the region of Kalos is done in the series’ latest entries, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. This world is old-meets-new, but some things never change, like starter Pokemon, Snorlaxes, trees that need cutting and, of course, the desire to catch ’em all.
Plateau Overview 1

6. Flipside, by E1EY

An upside down world based around the concepts of symmetry and exploration. This world has four different regions with four different themes and feels. Each world has a quest, in which the user can find hidden secrets to unlock the trapped treasures. SpinnerZ is based around a carnival theme and the concept of circles, while SkyzUp is based around a beach type theme where the sky is water. GravitE has got more of a medieval theme, which involves an upside down castle. And the last region Fall Line plays on symmetry and mirrors, where they world is reflected in the sky on the ground.

FlipSide1 FlipSide2

7. Origami Nation, by Hvdmerwe

Origami Nation is a world made out of a single pack of coloured paper. There are seven different colours of these and most creations travel in sets of at least one of each colour.  Other objects are textures with a repeating triangle pattern containing those same colours. All objects are comprised of repeating angular shapes, each being folded from a single sheet of paper. It is thus a world of repeating patters that create a type of fractal, psychedelic order and symmetry. My creations include planes, boats, houses, furniture, a sports arena, several plans and animals, as well as a large temple.

screenshots2 screenshots1

8. The Lorax, by Minkinke

The world of the Lorax: Explore Thneedville, discover the exit to the world outside, experience the dead forest, visit the Once-ler’s home, meet the Lorax and plant a tree to let the forest grow.

Lorax_b Lorax_a

9. The Wood Isle Golf Resort, by Gburger

The Wood Isle Golf Resort is the perfect family vacation destination. Let us welcome you to our beautiful clubhouse, complete with two working clocks and a view of our own lighthouse. Come practice your golf swing on our state of the art driving range, or if you prefer a more peaceful vacation, enjoy the stunning view of the ocean from our wooden deck. Just stay away from the forgotten forest…

Capture2 Capture0

10. Tropical Lair for Sale, by Sinkwa

You can’t be a respectable super villain in today’s day and age without a tropical island hideaway and a stockpile of missiles. If you are an aspiring megalomaniac, this piece of real estate is perfect for you! A measly 50 million USD gets you an observatory, launchpad, biological agent storage facility, lighthouse, helipad and a command centre with wall-to-wall heads up display.  Conveniently situated off the coast of a major super power, this fixer-upper could be the perfect base of operations for your next devious scheme. The previous owner’s estate is looking for purchasers who possess an evil maniacal cackle. Only serious offers will be considered. Payment to be made via Swiss bank account.

Missile Base 2 Missile Base 1

11. Triple Town, by belbell

A recreation of part of the Triple Town game. From the game creator’s site: Triple Town is an original puzzle game in which you try to grow a great city! The larger the city you build, the more points you score. You build your city by matching three or more game-pieces: combine three grasses to make a bush, three bushes to make a tree… until you’ve filled the board with houses, cathedrals and castles. Along the way, you’ll have to outwit giant bears who will try to block your progress.

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_3

Have a look at 2011’s group and at 2012’s group, too. If you’re interested in contacting any of these students, let me know.


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