Opensim Practical Project 2012 – Screenshots

For a module in virtual environments, my students build their own virtual worlds with a theme and purpose of their own choosing. The idea was to combine various kinds of media (audio/video, scripts, links) into a coherent whole using OpenSim as a development environment. This is also their practical examination.

This year, I saw a lot of impressive models developed using third-party tools such as Blender, 3D Studio Max and Google SketchUp. I encouraged them to use in-world tools initially – to become familiar with using Second Life.  Next year, though, I will definitely include a third-party tool section.

Worlds, by (avatar names):

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog Simulation, by Sean Brand
  2. Athletics World, by Antz81
  3. Anchorhead Tatooine, by Bestnickname
  4. Naruto World, by Darnitalian
  5. League of Legends Simulation, by Darntwaiwanese
  6. Warhammer 40k Compound, by Gdswardt
  7. Island Paradise, by Henk
  8. Theme Park, by Sltw02011
  9. NASA base and Moon Simulation, by StaticBlur
  10. Angry Birds Simulation, by Zziworld
  11. Sports World, by Alwyns
  12. Futuristic NASA Colony, by Brometheu5
  13. The Wandering Isle (inspired by Mists of Pandaria), by Celynthria
  14. U2 Concert, by Go0Sie
  15. Paintball Arena, by JJBotha [pending]

Have a look at 2011’s group too. If you’re interested in contacting any of these students, let me know.


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