David Gaughran

Amazon’s KDP Select introduced a new tranche of self-publishers to the upper reaches of the charts for the first time. For the first couple of months of this year, a new seam had been discovered in this self-publishing “gold-rush.”

It didn’t last too long, however. By the end of March, even those newly minted authors were openly considering leaving KDP Select, despite how successful it had been for them. Self-publishers were noticing that even when they had a stellar free run, garnering thousands and thousands of downloads, it was no longer catapulting them up the charts on their return to the paid side.

Science fiction and fantasy author Ed Robertson penned an excellent hypothesis and gave me permission to re-post. If you don’t understand exactly why successful free runs used to almost always translate into a run at the charts, then read my post on Popularity Lists first for background…

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