Smashwords conversion and word autoshapes

The epub and mobi versions of my Smashwords-grinded manuscript I’m working on showed unwanted vertical lines in what seemed to be random places.

The Word version:

The PDF version has no such issues.

Here are instances in the manuscript where the vertical lines formed in epub/mobi. It seemed that this may be related to hyperlinking, but there weren’t hyperlinks involved in instance 2, 8 and 9.

I also had a look at the html of the epub version; each time this error occurred, I noticed the following:

<img src="tmp_1800a049df4ec0c5ec49b2be8d618c4d_ghEFSE_html_m56530bf7.gif" alt="tmp_1800a049df4ec0c5ec49b2be8d618c4d_ghEFSE_html_m56530bf7.gif" class="calibre17"/>

So it seemed like Meatgrinder was generating empty, vertical gif images and placing them in places I didn’t want them to be.

Here’s another example:

<span class="c16">D</span></a><img src="tmp_1800a049df4ec0c5ec49b2be8d618c4d_ghEFSE_html_m5a19aeda.gif" alt="tmp_1800a049df4ec0c5ec49b2be8d618c4d_ghEFSE_html_m5a19aeda.gif" class="calibre17"/><a href="">r<span class="c16">. Louw Alberts</span></a><b class="calibre18">:
Scientist, Philosopher, Astronomer and Chief Executive

Wish I could edit the epub and mobi files myself.

Update [and hence why this post is now in the past tense]:

After some tinkering, I discovered that these gifs were generated from auto shapes. These only appear in Web view, as far as I can tell. That’s why I missed them. I just deleted each of them and the problem was solved!



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