Opensim Practical Project 2011 – Screenshots

My students don’t only hold tours in Second Life, I also have them build their own virtual world using OpenSim, an open-source version of SL. This is also their practical examination.

The worlds are standalone at the moment, but in future I’m going to try maintaining one sim for the whole class.

Great job, guys!

Worlds, by (avatar names)

* William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, by Glain
* The Enchanted Fairy World, by Merida
* The Beach, by Frankie
* Not a Generic Western Town, by Brabman
* Not a Skyrim Clone – Nordic Landscape, by Mlouw
* The Seasons, by Thatmax
* Bikini Bottom, by Malman (or Spongebob Squarepants in this case!)
* The Mayans, by Sarthira –
* Western Inspired by Red Dead Redemption, by Henkasaur
* The Land of Robotorinia, by Wulphy (or Kerebos Prime in this case!)
* Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Findulas (or Willy Wonka in this case!)
* Medieval Port Village, by Wester


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