Second Life tours and virtual worlds – screenshots

In one of the modules I coordinate, students learn about all kinds of virtual worlds. We have meetings in Second Life, where one group acts as tour guides for that evening. I also have them build their own virtual world using OpenSim, an open-source version of SL.

This post showcases the tours. In the next post, I’ll showcase the group’s own virtual worlds.

1. Virtual tours

I had to choose two screenshots per tour out of dozens. Each one-hour session was a lot of fun – despite intermittent frustrations with South African internet access. 

1. Wulphy and Findulas
Highlights of this tour include an underwater fantasy world with ridable sea creatures and a Halloween-inspired sim where we flew on enchanted brooms.   

2. Glain and Merida
A Thai-themed tour which included a walk of the lotus gardens and dancing in the ballroom of a golden palace.

3. Brab and Mlouw
A Viking-inspired sim where we went on boar hunts, toured Fjords and lounged in a lavish Nordic homestead. The frozen forests and Aurora Borealis were sights to behold.

4. Thatmax and Sh1fty
Highlights of this tour include a drumming circle inside a (what seemed to me!) Gothic mausoleum as well as the first in-world books I’ve seen. Most information in SL is presented by text-only notes or images placed on walls.

5. Henkasaur, 4saken, Sarthira
In this murder mystery tour, entitled “Springtime Slaughter”, we explored all kinds of things, among which were a Cluedo game, a Whodunnit? detective game inside a house and  a massive stone palace. We also discovered dragons and practised fencing.

6. Malman, Frankieflower
To end off our virtual tours, we were taken to a theme park where we enjoyed some crazy rides, pigged out on carnival food and retired to a games room where we relived teen memories of playing the spin-the-bottle.

I’ll add SLURLS to the locations in time.


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